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Our Trip to Kelham Island!

In order to enhance our topic ‘Steel City’ Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a trip to one of our local museum’s Kelham Island. Here we learnt what it was like to work in the Steel Works during Victorian times in Sheffield. We were all extremely overwhelmed by all the hard work people had to put into their jobs and we found out how to be a Steeler, a Buffer, a Grinder and a Forger. We even had a go at some of the jobs ourselves!
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After being so enthused and inspired by our trip to Kelham Island we are now well on our way with our ‘Steel City’ topic and the children have already learnt so much about their local community. We are now looking forward to investgating and exploring our local history even further this half term as we begin to find out what Meadowhall used to be and the secrets behind why Henderson’s Relish made Sheffield famous.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you as parents and carers for all the support you have given your children and us as school with this topic. I know there has been a lot of input from family and friends which has  shone through in your children’s enthusiasm to learn more about Sheffield and the history behind it.


Thank you!