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Our VE Day Party!


This week Year 5 and 6 celebrated the end of their World War II topic in style with a special VE Day celebration. This was a thoroughly deserved treat for all children in both year groups as they have all shown fantastic enthusiasm and an impressive thirst for knowledge as we have progressed through this topic. Not only have children shown their enjoyment for World War II during class time but this has also been reflected in the outstanding Home Learning they have brought in to school over the last term, for which we would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and carers who have helped and supported their children in doing so.



During the VE Day celebration the children opened by singing our national anthem and went on to enjoy playing traditional war time games such as Beetle Drive and Musical Chairs.



Some more than others (once they had got to grips with the rules of Beetle) took great pleasure in winning!



We also had a special visits from the royal family, King George, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.



Along with some of our allied leaders, Stallin, De Gaulle, Roosevelt and Lady Spencer Churchill (As Winston was ill) who made some fantastic speeches to celebrate the end of World War II and our victory over Germany.



We finished off our celebration with some delicious food, which unfortunatley was still rationed but tasted all the better for it!




Finally we took a moment to remeber all those who unfortunatley lost their lives during World War II and to those currently risking their lives for our country today.


Both Year 5 and 6 had a throughly enjoyable afternoon, which was enhanced by the excellent effort they had put into preparing for the event by making flags, posters and celebration hats. Also by the effort put in by parents and carers who took the time to bake and buy food for our celebration buffet.



Again we would like to thank all parents and carers for their ongoing help and support. It is much appreciated!