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Ugly Bug Ball!

To celebrate the end of our Minibeast theme we held an Ugly Bug Ball.  Reception class dressed up for the afternoon and the party was held in Scotty’s Corner.  We sang and danced to lots of songs including our favourite ‘Creepy Crawly’ song.  Mr Chappell read ”There was an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly’.  As you can see from the photographs lots of spidermen (sorry, spiders) attended the ball.



Often at parties children wear blindfolds to play ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, but as this was an Ugly Bug Ball we wore blindfolds to play  ‘Stick the Eyes onto the Ladybird’, the children laughed when the eyes were put onto the ladybird’s bottom and tummy.  We also did the Hokey Cokey dance and the Caterpillar Conga around the garden.



After all the excitement we sat down to eat our party food of juice, fruit, party rings and caterpillar cake.  Below are Ellis and Roisin holding our caterpillar cake.