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What does it mean that we are a 'Church School'?





It’s not just that we see Religious Education as an important part of the curriculum and pay careful attention to this subject (though we do!). It’s that we see each child as unique, created by God and given a particular set of gifts and abilities. It is our task here, at Parson Cross Church of England Primary School, to unlock the little spark of genius in every child, whether it be in the academic, social or sporting areas of life. By doing this, we enable each child to flourish.


Like other schools, we guide children in their behaviour, encouraging them to be considerate, caring and thoughtful towards others. As a Church School community, we are conscious that the roots of these characteristics are in the Christian Faith and we are able to point this out to pupils and to build securely on this solid foundation. Our 12 core values are studied throughout a child's time with us so that they develop a deeper understanding of each Christian Value. 


You may also be interested in reading our Theological Rationale which further encapsulates what we believe in.




Church School Status


Parson Cross CE Primary is a Voluntary Aided Church of England school. This means that the school is owned by the Church of England and a majority of the governors are appointed by the Church. The teachers are appointed and employed by the governing body.  As a church school we have our own Admission Policy which differs from Local Authority schools.


The Church is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and for all external repairs and decoration. The cost of repairs and capital projects is raised by the governing body with 90% grant from the government. All other costs, including books, equipment, furniture, general running costs and salaries are met from the school budget. As with Local Authority schools, this money is provided by the LA. 


As a Church of England school, we still follow the National Curriculum, but our Religious Education syllabus is largely Christian and we hold Christian themed assemblies. We do of course teach other religions & are proud of the positive attitudes & values that we promote.  We welcome children from “Churches Together” as well as children whose families profess no faith. We work in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Sheffield.


Please click to download the Diocesan Vision Statement.