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Each half-term we focus our Collective Worship on one of our Christian Values. 


During the first half of the Autumn term 2021, we will be reflecting on the Christian value of GENEROSITY.

God's generosity is best described as 'grace', love given freely and without limit or conditions. This generosity, once experienced and acknowledged by an individual, can in turn release a generous spirit towards others.




“Love your neighbour as yourself "              Mark 12.31

Generosity is …………


G iving something we value to someone else

E  ncouraging the best in each other

N ever selfish

E  njoying helping others

R  aising support for a good cause

O ffering what we can

S  haring our time and talents

I   nviting someone to join in

T  aking care of God’s creation for future generations

Y  ou first, me last.


Please look at the Home School Information on the value of generosity



Home-school values- Generosity