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Ofsted Reports

Our recent Ofsted Inspection March 2018 reported that...


Everyone is working together to ensure that the education on offer for the pupils in your care is of the highest quality. Pupils at your school are ‘valued and inspired to flourish both academically and personally’, and you are increasingly successful in ‘discovering the little spark of genius in everyone’. 


Teaching and learning at school are characterised by an excellent level of focus on the part of the pupils and positive relationships in classrooms. Specifically, when it is time for pupils to talk to each other about their learning they do so with gusto. 


There has been a focus on improving the quality of teaching throughout the school so that all pupils are able to make the best progress possible, and reach the highest of standards. Teachers and teaching assistants attempt to make learning ‘fluid’, as you say. Teachers note how well different pupils are doing in particular topics, and they then shape the groups that they are in for the next day so that no pupils are treading water, or sitting confused. By doing so, learning time is maximised and pupils make quicker progress.


The full report is available below.