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We have been very busy so far this half term and enjoyed the following:

The visit to Parson Cross Library. We noticed different buildings on the way and made a map when we got back to class of our route to the library. The librarian read a story and some of us took out books.

Making playdough. We had a go at mixing the ingredients together to make the best playdough. We realised that we needed more flour when the mixture got too sticky.

Ordering lots of items in maths. We have used new vocabulary (tall, taller, tallest, long, longer and longest) and have put these items in the right order. We are having a good go at being masters in maths by talking and explaining what we have done.

Our role play this half term is the bus and bus station. We have loved taking on role as the bus driver, the inspector, the passenger and the station master.

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