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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs Wright Headteacher 
Mrs. Ashton Assistant Head, Year 5 Teacher 
Mr Hart Assistant Head, Year 6 Teacher
Miss Seaman Learning Mentor
Miss Peniston                                                        SEND Leader /Year 3 Class Teacher
Miss Mitchell  Class Teacher Reception
Mrs Haglington Teaching Assistant YR
Mrs Riordan

Class Teacher Year 1

Miss Havenhand Teaching Assistant Year 1
Miss Curtis Class Teacher Year 2  
Mrs Hoyland Teaching Assistant Year 2
Mrs Marshall Class Teacher Year 3  
Mrs Hurst Teaching Assistant Year 3
Mr. Beecroft Class Teacher Year 4
Mrs Aston Teaching Assistant Year 4
Miss Cawthorne Teaching Assistant Year 5
Miss Mellor Teaching Assistant Year 6
Barbara Walker Clerical Officer
Angela Ruel Clerical Officer
Jason McDonald Building Supervisor
Joanne Mynors Lunchtime Supervisor
Melaney Wynne Lunchtime Supervisor
Donna Lever Lunchtime Supervisor
Kerry Hague Lunchtime Supervisor

Amanda Smith

Catering Manager
Deborah Drury Catering Assistant
Julie Struggles Cleaner
Letina Gebremedhin Cleaner